E's Message to the World


I have decided to pull all content from our site as it no longer reflects the current opinions of everyone who is still involved with Project BPE Live!  and furthermore it's been over 3 years since we actually produced a podcast.  In that time we have all changed for better or maybe for worse.  Some of us don't associate with each other anymore. Some of us are on a different path where life events have removed our attention from our passions. However whatever path we have chosen to walk down certain issues and new issues exist that threaten us as a humanity as a whole. Since our last show Fukushima has practically destroyed the Pacific Ocean and our food/water supply, ISIS has threatened to take down the world with their radical beliefs, people who we admire have died for unexplained reasons, the awaken of the Chem Trail spraying which there is no doubt it's going on just look up and if you think that's normal well I have beachfront property in Montana to sell you, Obamacare which wasn't a tax and we had to pass to find out what's in it was interpreted as a tax so my conclusion there is people enjoy being lied too, global warming became climate change which in my opinion is a crock of shit as your average person doesn't even know that all the other planets in our system are warming and there aren't any humans there so it's impossible it's just us causing this (remember we are the ant and the universe is the boot) which leads me to the possibility that the 2003 August blackout was caused by the approaching Immaru/Nibiru star system that according to ancient text cycles through our system every 3600 years or so which is causing all these cosmic conditions.  Off the chart material wouldn't you say? I guess you can say I'm not conditioned to the 6 people who own 90% of our media and what they brainwash everyone with entertainment as enslavement.  With all this doom porn, I had to wonder...Was it really worth trying to reboot The Distinguished Gentlemen podcast? I've been sitting and stirring and debating on it for quite some time now.  Originally my answer was "why bother no one cares or will listen" until I came across a man by the name of Michael Tellinger and his amazing work with "Slave Species of god" and his research with the Ancient Stone Circles of South Africa and his passion to bring the world free energy in a way the great inventor Nikola Tesla stated as "The Earth rings like a bell." Those stone circles to this day still resonate sound frequency and energy on levels you cannot possibly fathom.  This energy is available to us today for free we just don't know how to use it as we are a species of amnesia which is partly not our fault since the "banksters" the assholes who control our money supply which are the same people who enslaved the human race with money over 6000 years ago control and suppress this information by keeping us busy and thinking that Monday thru Friday 8 - 5 job is the life we were all meant to have.  They keep us divided in anyway possible with religion, race, etc you name it.  They use television and fear to keep us from finding our unity consciousness and keep us distracted while they run their agenda of gold mining or whatever it is these arrogant pricks who disturbed us on our planet so many years ago are doing now.  However there is hope.  Ancient texts state it is this generation that will make the change in the world.  It's up to us what we do with this information going forward because "once it is heard it cannot be unheard." They foreshadow the truth in our entertainment to insult our intelligence and their secret societies and their numerology are blasted all over our money and in our books and schools.  They are not interested in your survival as you were created to be the "primitive worker" or a Lulu which if you haven't guessed is us the Homo Sapiens. I can go on and on and on for days.  Was I always like this? No.  10 years ago these thoughts never crossed my mind however slowly as the truth seeker I am I became more aware of how a lot things just straight don't add up or make sense at all.  It's amazing where I have come from mentality and spiritually to where I am today which gives me hope that someday we all can wake up and unite consciously and take back our planet that has been raped and plundered for her resources all in the name of..........Money.


I hope to be up and running again very soon until then: Eyes open, No Fear!